Get Involved

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Get Involved


Organize Your Event

Organize your fundraising event.  Start by submitting your general information so we can talk and get your online event page created.  Then you’ll be partnered with a member of our special event coaches. Then, you’ll be able to create your team and get started.


Get The Word Out

Get the word out on social media, send out emails far and wide, and shout from the rooftops and let everyone know about your Vie for the Kids event!  Share your passion for the cause and fundraising goals.  Inspire others to donate and be part of our mission.


Make An Impact

Host your event and make an impact for kids with cancer.  And be proud of what you’re doing to raise money for childhood cancer research because the more money we raise, the more we can do to help the kids.

Give us a little info about you and your event to get started.

Tell us where you may like to have your event.